Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween...

Charlie would like me to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Charlie's day has been very busy. His Mommy, Aunt Amanda and cousin Matthew took Charlie shopping. While I doubt that validity of this statement, Charlie had a great day and loves his new shoes (a gift from Mommy). Also, a little update on Charlie. He is now doing a little giggle that is rather adorable. He is smiling more and more each day. While his smiles are no doubt completely unrelated to the moment, their timing is quite dead on. For instance, Mommy says a smart-aleck remark and low and behold, Charlie smiles the biggest, brightest smile you have ever seen. We hope to capture it soon on film. Now, back to Halloween. The three youngest members of our family celebrated in style. Charlie was a tootsie-roll. While the tootsie-roll was Charlie's "main" outfit, he also celebrated in his Halloween onesie, ghost out-fit and his "I want Candy" shirt. You may be asking yourself, the other youngest members of our family??? These members are of course the puppies. Peanut dressed herself in her Pirate collar in honor of Halloween. Please notice that she is a feminine, pink pirate. Napoleon had a very difficult time deciding how to dress this year. In typically hyper Napoleonic fashion, Napoleon jumped from baseball player, to gansta rapper, to his final decision...a pumpkin (note the orange on the collar). We hope everyone is well and will talk with all soon. Enjoy the pictures.

Memaw, thanks for my card.

Me and my big cousin. How cute are we ???

Things that are white? Cream, milk, a GHOST!!!

A life sized tootsie roll.

Halloween is FUN.

Gimme your candy, please.

Relaxing in my PJ's. They have pumpkin feet.

Napoleon, the pumpkin.

Peanut, the pink pirate.

Me and Matthew in our Halloween shirts.

As you can see, Charlie had a great day. We will talk to everyone soon and I (Jay) will see everyone in Savannah in about a week.

----- Jay, Jennifer, Charlie, Peanut and Napoleon -----

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Getting Bigger...

Hello all. Charlie went for his two month check up on Thursday the 25th. The check up was a few days behind schedule, but we now have to make the appointments in line with Jenn's work schedule. That's right, Jennifer has returned to work following her maternity leave; she started back on October 17th. Now, as for Charlie...he is getting bigger, stronger and healthier by the minute. He is now over 10lbs and almost 23 inches long. When Charlie came home from the doctor, he offered Napoleon a friendly reminder that soon he will be bigger than both his puppies. While he is only in the 25th percentile for both height and weight, he has grown the perfect amount for a baby born 1 month before his due date and 3 weeks before he was to be removed from the womb by the man in white. The pedetrician reports that all else is well with Charlie also. We couldn't be happier with our little Charlie-man. He is becoming more and more attentive and we are very confident he can recognize our voices and faces. Charlie likes to pick his head up for as long as possible and he continues to stretch himself to full capacity frequently. Since Jenn returned to work, Charlie has been going to Aunt Amanda's day care. Aunt Amanda's day care consists of two guests, Charlie and his big cousin Matthew. They smile, laugh and play all day. Charlie has already developed his mothers "sweet-tooth."

I have been working very hard to teach Charlie about all the sports he can play and watch. As prior blogs describe in detail, Charlie traveled in utero to many Texas Rangers' games this year, two Atlanta Braves' games in Atlanta, a US National Team match and to the FC Dallas-Houston Dynamo Rivalry in Frisco. Charlie's new fascination is with football. While declaring his allegiance to Georgia Tech, Charlie rooted very hard for Tech's rival UGA as they put the beat-down on the University of Florida today. While I am hoping for a left-handed pitcher, Charlie wants to be Tony Romo (the Dallas Cowboys' Quarterback) at this stage. He was very excited, yet extremely jealous, that Daddy and Uncle Ben attended this past Sunday's game versus the Minnesota Vikings. In fact, Charlie has asked that I use pictures from the Cowboys' game to help put his newest photos into perspective. Thus, without further delay.

Charlie is learning to study very hard at an early age...

Charlie says, "If I don't study hard...I won't be able to get that college scholarship. Without the scholarship, I won't be able to develop great passing skills like Tony...nor develop skills with the ladies."

Another important fact, you can't make a grand entrance without an entorage...

While Charlie was upset he didn't get to go to the game, he was very pleased he didn't have to get into his car seat...instead he and Peanut enjoyed the game from the comfort of home.

Charlie's got that touchdown thing all figured out....

As most of you know, our family is leaving Texas. I have accepted a job in Savannah. My official start date is Monday, November 12th. My last day with AIG is this coming Friday, November 2nd. Jenn will be leaving her job the week before Thanksgiving. Yes, that's right...I will be in Savannah (with Peanut and Napoleon) for a little over 3 weeks prior to Jennifer and Charlie's arrival. I am leaving Texas in 10 days for the 11oo mile trek home. While we are all going to miss each other terribly, I am greatly looking forward to starting my job and seeing my parents and extended family for the first time in almost a year. But, I will not digress any longer...nor offer further reflections on our time in Texas (I am sure it will come soon though); here are a few more pictures of Charlie being Charlie.

Peanut just had a birthday and I feel obligated to tell everyone that she had a great day. Since I remember seeing my age on the back of pictures at my grandparent's house my whole life, I'll honor them by posting our ending complete with ages.

----- Jay (27), Jennifer (26), Charlie (2 months), Peanut (4) and Napoleon (2) -----

Monday, October 8, 2007

My Daddy's Birthday...

On Friday October 5, Jay turned 27. Some of you may think that I am alot older, particulary our wonderful nephew Matthew; but I am only 27 this year...currently 27 headed on 227. There is an established rule in our home...we listen to and then laugh at all things Matthew says (and hope that Charlie can't pick up on them quite yet). As a rule, Matthew believes that his Uncle Jay is older than everyone in his entire family (grandparents included), except his Da. Da is his Paternal-Grandfather. Additionally, I share my birthday week with Jennifer's Aunt Carol and her Nanny. Happy Birthday Carol and Nanny!!! Carol, we hope it made you feel great when Matthew casually explained that there was no possible way you were older than Uncle Jay. Well, there you have it....a summary of how old, hagard and fat I am. Well, what are you supposed to do..."Kids say the darndest things." I had a nice birthday; Charlie had a great day as well. We (Jay, Jennifer and Charlie) went shopping and out to eat on Friday afternoon. We had a lovely lunch, where the little man behaved like the angel he is. While out, Daddy picked up a few birthday presents to display for all.

Because Jennifer is the best wife in the world...I must show off the present she got me. Just in case the picture does not translate well, I will explain; for my birthday, Jennifer got me 2 tickets to the October 21 Dallas Cowboys game. Furthermore, Jenn decided I would get to go with Ben (brother in law) to the game. The Cowboys are taking on the Minnesota Vikings and our tickets are lower level...we can't wait.

Before I move on the the good part, and the only part of this blog that has great meaning, I have received several requests and a significant amount of proding from my lovely and intelligent wife to attach an updated picture of Daddy/Jay to this blog. As I have photo-phobia issues and a sense of humor that often only amuses myself, I decided to submit to Jennifer's wishes...but with two simple conditions...1-my picture had to immediately be followed by pictures of the dogs and 2-my portrait had to be a self portrait, or as I like to call it "Blair Witch Style" Thus, without further I am.

And as promised, Peanut and Napoleon...

Now, onto the good stuff. While it's only been about a week since our last post, Charlie has been so busy. His days are still filled with sleeping, eating and pooping...but each day he gets more attentive, more alert and more active. When he stares at you with his big blue eyes, your heart just wants to melt. We think of ourselves as so lucky to have him. Although I was not around to see it, Charlie reached quite the little milestone this weekend...he rolled over from his stomach to back. As this action was witnessed by more than just Jennifer (Amanda and Ben saw it too), I felt it was worthy of being posted and of course bragged about. Our little man got so frustrated with how Mommy had him positioned, that he up and turned himself around to see the world. I have decided, with consulation with Charile, that the best way for Charlie to send his love is through pictures. So, no more words from Daddy...just pictures of our handsome little man.

Charlie looks forward to seeing everyone in Savannah this week.

-----Jay, Jennifer, Charlie, Peanut and Napoleon-----

Monday, October 1, 2007

La-La-La-La. La-La-La-La. Charlie's World...

Tonight, I thought it would be appropriate to bring everyone into Charlie's world. I tried to steal from Elmo with the above title; I am not all that certain I was able to pull it off. Luckly, Charlie is still a bit aways from Elmo, the Wiggles and something I am told goes "Go, Diego Go!!" ????? Thus, without further ado...I take you into Charlie's world.
Here are a couple of pictures showing off Charlie's bedroom.

A few of Charlie's many special people.

Before we are overrun by Elmo, Cookie Monster, Nemo, Dumbo or any number of other characters that will soon grace our lives and rule our very existance, Jenn and I decided to set Charlie's room up with a sports theme. It is heavily tilted toward baseball. I am certain Charlie does not mind his room; in fact, he barely uses it; outside of changing clothes and having his diaper changed. The most recent addition to Charlie's room came from Jennifer's friend Stephanie. Charlie wants me to tell Ms. Stephanie thank you for his framed Grayson Stadium. Charlie also has a picture showing his support for Hank Aaron, the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox. However, Charlie's favorite displays the native son of Texas, Nolan Ryan, taking exception to Robin Ventura charging the mound.

Before I transition into the meat of this blog - pictures and new info on Charlie - let me explain a bit of my reasoning for posting scenes of Charlie' s world. For the most part, the people who love and care about Charlie (and Jenn/Jay) are a great distance away...we hope sharing pictures of Charlie's room and other things assists in bringing everyone into our lives just a little bit more. leave you in a bit more anticipation, here are a few more pictures of Charlie's world. I will allow Charlie to describe these next pitcures.

Where I watch the birdies.

My recliner.

My gang.

Mommy's salvation.

Those silly puppies.

Everything is going well. Jenn is still on maternity leave. She is going to return to work on October 17. She and Charlie are diligently thinking of all the things they want to do when in Savannah. Jenn took Charlie to the her hospital today for a visit. While there, Charlie got weighed. Charlie now weighs in at 9lbs and 4ozs. He has gained a full 3lbs since we brought him home from the hospital. While Jenn and I were excited about his steady progress toward fitting into more of his clothes, Charlie had a different take. Charlie informed us that he is no longer the smallest resident of the Stuart house. His exact words were, "you better watch out Peanut...I'm bigger than you now." He offerred no warning for Napoleon. Napoleon is the Barry Bonds of Chihuahua's. He is a long and lanky 12+ pounds.

Now onto the best part of the pictures of Charlie.

Taking that all important 16th nap of the day

Quietly, explaining that Tie-dye is still cool.

Expressing dismay over the Braves' not making the postseason

Patiently waiting to see if the Mets' will choke - they DID!!!

Pondering Braves' lineup changes for 2008

Hanging out with his big cousin, Matthew

Matthew asking where Charlie gets his good looks from - Mommy!!!

Well, there you have it. As comprehensive an update as I can offer into Charlie's world. I hope everyone reads the blog and reviews the pictures carefully; there will be a pop quiz on Charlie at some time in the undetermined future. Again, we hope this blog helps make everyone feel like Charlie lives right around the corner. We love and miss everyone and will talk to ya'll soon.

--------Jay, Jenn, Charlie, Peanut and Napoleon-------