Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween...

Charlie would like me to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Charlie's day has been very busy. His Mommy, Aunt Amanda and cousin Matthew took Charlie shopping. While I doubt that validity of this statement, Charlie had a great day and loves his new shoes (a gift from Mommy). Also, a little update on Charlie. He is now doing a little giggle that is rather adorable. He is smiling more and more each day. While his smiles are no doubt completely unrelated to the moment, their timing is quite dead on. For instance, Mommy says a smart-aleck remark and low and behold, Charlie smiles the biggest, brightest smile you have ever seen. We hope to capture it soon on film. Now, back to Halloween. The three youngest members of our family celebrated in style. Charlie was a tootsie-roll. While the tootsie-roll was Charlie's "main" outfit, he also celebrated in his Halloween onesie, ghost out-fit and his "I want Candy" shirt. You may be asking yourself, the other youngest members of our family??? These members are of course the puppies. Peanut dressed herself in her Pirate collar in honor of Halloween. Please notice that she is a feminine, pink pirate. Napoleon had a very difficult time deciding how to dress this year. In typically hyper Napoleonic fashion, Napoleon jumped from baseball player, to gansta rapper, to his final decision...a pumpkin (note the orange on the collar). We hope everyone is well and will talk with all soon. Enjoy the pictures.

Memaw, thanks for my card.

Me and my big cousin. How cute are we ???

Things that are white? Cream, milk, a GHOST!!!

A life sized tootsie roll.

Halloween is FUN.

Gimme your candy, please.

Relaxing in my PJ's. They have pumpkin feet.

Napoleon, the pumpkin.

Peanut, the pink pirate.

Me and Matthew in our Halloween shirts.

As you can see, Charlie had a great day. We will talk to everyone soon and I (Jay) will see everyone in Savannah in about a week.

----- Jay, Jennifer, Charlie, Peanut and Napoleon -----


Anonymous said...

What cuties you and Matthew were on Halloween. Thanks for sharing the pictures with me. You are growing much too fast and I still have not held you. I am counting the days until the 27th of December. You better start saving some of your sugar for your MEMAW. I know that will be really, really hard as there are so many you have too share all that sweet stuff with. Just please save a little for me. I love you so, so much.

Brian Kent said...

We greatly appreciate the subtle Friends quotes. Oh, and we look forward to meeting Charlie this Christmas. :)

Nancy said...

The Tootsie Roll costume is just too cute. I could eat him up.

Love Nancy