Monday, July 23, 2007

A long awaited update...

It's been quite awhile since the last Charlie post. Charlie keeps a very busy schedule and sometimes it takes him having to interrupt food and play to squeeze in an update on his in utero happenings and growth. After a long day of digesting cereal, milk, mashed potatos and cheese fries, it leaves little time for his two favorite activities: 1-kicking Napoleon and 2-kicking Jennifer all night, thus preventing Daddy from enjoying quality R.E.M. sleep.
Jennifer has been to the see Dr. Wilson (the baby doctor) on three occasions since our last post. Mommy and baby appear to be on a healthy track. Charlie has proportionately grown with the size of Jenn's belly (However, there will be no belly picture posted...unless everyone wants to see mine). He is up to approximately 4.1 lbs, putting him in the healthy 61st percentile. He has a beautiful face with flush cheeks and appears to be well on his way to growing the "Stuart Beard." Please be advised that Jennifer is not a fan of the Stuart beard. Lucky for her, it's summer in Texas and I do not have one....just wait until fall.

Last week, I went for my first visit to Dr. Wilson with Jenn since the one where we learned that "Baby Stewie" was a boy. It was absolutely amazing and quite humbling to watch Charlie breathe, listen to his heart beat, watch his little heart pump and in general enjoy the miracle that is life. The last 7 months have given us a brand new perspective on life...and we only imagine this to be the very beginning. We look forward to Charlie's arrival with great joy and of course the natural trepidation that accompanies a newborn.
We have been working diligently on preparing Charlie's room for his arrival, as well as Jenn's baby shower in a couple of weeks. In addition, getting Charlie's room ready a couple of months in advance allows Peanut and Napoleon to learn that it is Charlie's room now, not theirs. The puppies already know that they are welcome in Charlie's room, but they will not be able to get into his bed again once he arrives.
Charlie's room has a baseball theme...with a little bit of of other sports mixed in. Charlie is working on becoming well versed in baseball history, lore and culture. He patiently watches from the womb as Mommy and Daddy cheer on the Braves through our MLBTV package (trademark Direct TV). We have to get that trademark in so Daddy does not get sued. Charlie has also been a witness to baseballs occasionally good, mostly bad and always ugly Texas Rangers. He was also one of 40,000 witnesses to history. Jenn, Charlie and I were in the left field stands the night "Slammin' Sammy Sosa" hit his 600th homerun into the home bullpen at the Ballpark in Arlington. While I could not feel it myself, Jennifer says he was doing back flips and clapping his hands for the longest homerun trot we have ever seen and 2 curtain calls. Here are some pictures of Charlie's room.

Charlie already has his own little cheering section. They are already chanting "Sleep through the Night!" and "Use the Potty Early!" Here are Mr. Cheeks, Kicks, Mr. Tails and The Captain.

We hope everyone is well. Please feel free to post your comments, as long as they talk about how creative we are, how cute Charlie is/will be and how much you miss us. Talk to everyone soon.

--- Jay and Jennifer...soon to be Charlie too.