Sunday, November 18, 2007

We Miss You, Daddy!!

Well, Jay and the puppies have officially relocated to Savannah. He has worked a full week at his new job, and all seems to be going well for him there. Charlie and I are still in Texas. We haven't seen much of eachother since Jay has been gone. I have been working alot and trying to get things packed and ready for the movers to come a short week from tomorrow. Charlie has been spending alot of time with his Aunt Amanda and cousin Matthew (and since I work such long hours, even his Uncle Ben has had some quality time).
Charlie is smiling much more now. He is starting to play with his toys rather than simply looking at them. He will reach for toys on the bouncy seat and his car seat. It is really funny to watch the expressions on his face when he sets off the sounds and lights on his bouncy seat by hitting a toy. He has also grown significantly since our last post (over an inch) which has resulted in him moving up a size in clothes. (Only one more size to go until he can wear the really cute "Big Boy" clothes at The Children's Place.) He also has enough head control to sit in his Bumbo Seat. We do not leave him in it for very long, but he seems to enjoy sitting up like a big boy. Here are some new pictures of Charlie.

Sleeping with Daddy

Yes, he is sucking his thumb. While we agree that we do not want him to do this, it is very cute when he can actually get his thumb into his mouth and latches onto it.

Playing at Matthew's house.

Sitting up like a big boy.

The first good smile we were able to catch with the camera.

Hope eveyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. We will be packing up the computer this week, so we'll talk to you when we get to Savannah.


jennifer, jay and charlie