Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's a BOY!!

OK, so Brian (Kent) has put me to shame with the updating. But, hey, we had a boring first trimester (thankfully) so there has not really been much news to report, until now...Baby Stewie (as this baby is fondly referred to) is a boy. His name is going to be Charles Brian Stuart, II and we are going to call him "Charlie" or if you ask Matthew, it comes out more like "Trolley." At our last doctor's appointment, he weighed in around 10 ounces and his heart beat was in the 150's. He is becoming more active every day. Doing backflips or karate or something in there. He has also recently learned that kicking Napoleon is lots of fun. Of course, Napoleon thinks that my stomach is his personal pillow, so they are fighting over that territory right now. Charlie is quiet the fashion monger. He is currently working on acquiring a wardrobe to rival that of Paris Hilton's, and he is getting close. He has more clothes hanging in our closet than I do right now, not to mention the 20 gallon container of clothes that were Matthews. He has agreed to share his clothes with "Trolley" but not his cars and trains. And thanks to Nana Laura, he has accumulated quiet the stash of diapers. Charlie is already well traveled and has been to multiple sporting events. His first major sporting event was the USA vs Guatemala soccer match. The US national team came to Frisco (a suburb of Dallas) and we were lucky enough to get tickets. He went to Opening Day at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to see the Texas Rangers, or "Los Rangers" as Napoleon calls them, beat the Boston Red Sox. He has seen the Yankees, and has learned why we do NOT like the Yankees. And this past weekend, we went all the way to Atlanta to see the Braves take on the Dodgers, and he again learned why we do NOT like the Dodgers. And if he did not get enough baseball from going to games, Jay is reading him a book called Game of Shadows which is about how Barry Bonds is a cheater and a liar and does not deserve to hold the most sacred record in all of baseball. Lucky Charlie!! As for me, I am doing well. Finally feeling better and able to eat more that potatos and plain noodles. I actually gained weight last month and the belly definetly looks pregnant. I am not as brave as Liz, so no belly pictures, sorry. I won't promise any type of time frame, but we will update you as exciting things happen. As for now, we are enjoying the spring with as many baseball games and hotdogs as we can squeeze in. Congratulations to Brian and Liz, Joshua is beautiful and we can't wait to see him in person. Hope all is well with everyone else. love to all.

Here is the ultrasound picture that they printed for us. For those of you who do not read sonograms, that is his head on the right and the curved white line at the bottom of the image is his spine. The bright white spot in the middle of the image is his hand up near his face. If you look carefully, you can see his nose and ear, too.