Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh, What a Month...

Well, there you have it...the whole post. What a month it has been for Charlie, Mommy, Daddy and the Puppies. While this post is missing Charlies' one-twelth of one year birthday by a couple of days, I can guarantee you he spent it in grand style. He went shopping, to the Olive Garden for lunch and had people over on Saturday didn't hurt that he shared his one-twelth of one year birthday with his Aunt Amanda...who turned 25 this past Friday. Happy Birthday, Aunt Amanda! It has been a wonderful month. One filled with fun, excitement, anticipation and of course many, many sleepless nights. Charlie would like you to know he has gotten his first job...working at the Stuart hotel.

There are those nights where he is a little angel...whether awake or asleep

Charlie continues his growth and development. He seems to be so happy and so healthy. He is all we can ask for and more. We can only hope and pray that these trends continue. Charlie is beginning to fill out, however, he still has a ways to go. The other morning, I was getting Charlie dressed for the day and put his shorts on...they could have wrapped around him twice. On Friday, Charile gave Aunt Amanda quite the Amanda attempted to pick Charlie up, his shorts fell right off. Charlie is eating well. We are still giving him medicine and special formula due to his reflux, but we are confident that he is getting adequate nutrition and will one day fit into all of his clothes. One of Charlie's two Nanas (Jenn's Mom and mine are both Nana - and were before Charlie came along) bought Charlie a very cool Halloween shirt that reads, " I want candy...". Unfortunately, Charile will be too small for candy this year. Charlie is also prepared for Thanksgiving Day. He now has his own little Dallas Cowboys outfit. As you can tell, Charlie got quite a few presents for his one month birthday. Charile is quite proud of his taste in fashion and all his cute clothes. At his request...we now present to you a fashion show.

Wow. As you can see Charlie is well-dressed. Unfortunately, outside of sleepers and onesies nothing seems to fit all that well; Maybe, one day. Outside of his fashion show and shopping endeavors, Charlie keeps busy playing in his swing, playing with his puppies and watching the Atlanta Braves. Charlie implores you all to keep cheering...because, the season isn't over yet; his Braves still have a chance.

Charlie is greatly looking forward to his trip to Savannah in a few weeks. He is excited that he gets to meet so many new people. He keeps asking me when he is going to get to see (and spit up on) the Papa guy he has talked to on the phone. Charlie says he sounds alot like Daddy, so he can't be too much trouble. Jenn is also very excited about this day Daddy will make it back to Savannah again, or so Charlie tells me I must. He likes the idea of his Nana and Nana & Papa being in the same much time to be spoiled rotten. He promises to put on his best face for all his visitors.

Lastly, Charlie also got to have professional pictures taken. While I am completely bias in my perception, I have to argue that he is the most adorable child ever to grace the planet. I am pleased to see that he has inherited his mother's good looks. Again, we are a little worried about his hair line.

The Little Slugger

Our Little Angel

I Sleep Like Mommy

My World.

Talk to Everyone Soon.

Jay, Jennifer, Charlie, Peanut and Napoleon

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Quick Hello...

Charlie has been very busy. He spends his days eating formula (yum, yum!), sleeping, pooping and enjoying the good times that accompany being almost 4 weeks old. In the past week, Charlie has gotten more active. We can hardly contain his wiggles and constant movements. He is focusing more and more on objects also. And good news, Charlie's cord finally fell off...he has something that resembles an "innie."
Look at all the fun Charlie has been having...
Charlie has learned that playing with his puppies is a ton of fun.

Napoleon sharing his human...
Even Peanut wants to play...

Charlie is developing great friendship skills. Just look at him petting Napoleon.

We are having a fascinating time getting to know our son. Everyday we learn more and more about Charlie and ourselves. We are all very excited about the journey ahead. As has become customary, here are a few pictures of Charlie being Charlie.

Look at my wonderful blue eyes...just like Mommy.

Baths are not for Boys !!!

No need for words

Use the glove, not your mouth

Touchdown Tony Romo !!!

Talk to everyone soon...Jay, Jennifer, Charlie, Peanut and Napoleon

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bulking Up...

Charlie is doing well. He went on Wednesday the 5th for his 2 week check up. According to the doctor's records, Charlie has grown a full 2 inches. He now stands, or lays if you will, a whopping 20 inches long. He likes to refer to himself as 1ft 8in tall, however. Charlie's weight is now up to 7lbs 6ozs. He has gained a full 14ozs since his birth. We are very excited by this. Charlie also had his hearing tested and received a good report. We feel very blessed. Charlie's reflux still exists, but with his medicine and new formula he continues to power through. Almost everyday, we see changes in Charlie. He looks at objects longer, becomes more curious and grows, grows, grows. It has been so amazing to watch his growth in the little over 2 weeks since he has been home. Charlie has told me he is well on his way to becoming a big boy. We are quite proud of him. His hair has continued to remain blonde, and the majority of it has remained intact. At this juncture, thank God it's an early juncture, he seems to have inherited the hair line of his Stuart and Hadsell brethern. We hope he'll at least keep a full head of hair until his wedding (40 years from now)...or at least until he graduates from high school. Hopefully he'll take a lesson from his Daddy, and attempt to age rogaine, proprecia or just for men for me. Charlie has been quite active this last week, as much as a 2 week old can be active. At the urging of his Mommy, we went out for dinner the other night. (He had the lobster.) Charlie was an angel, until we got home and he kept us up 3/4 of the night. Charlie also made a visit to Mommy's work and Daddy's work. Before anyone gets too worried, Jenn's floor at the hospital is very clean and her patients do not carry communicabale diseases. We realize germs are going to be present everywhere, however. My office had a little baby shower for Jenn, Charlie and I. Charlie scored some super-cool clothes and towels that I am sure will make an appearance on this blog sometime soon. His gift cards will help keep him dry and full. We really appreciate the wonderful gesture by my co-workers. Charlie also followed John Smoltz's effort at a no hitter on Friday night. While we doubt he grapsed the magnitude of what was going on, he was glued to the box, as Napoleon calls it, throughout the whole game. Lastly, Charlie made his first trip to Uncle Ben, Aunt Amanda and Matthew's house last night. Charlie got to enjoy the night swinging and watching his second full weekend of college football. He tells us he is very pleased with Georgia Tech's work thus far this season. Jenn decided Charlie would be a Yellow Jacket and Charlie agreed...we have heard his cheers of "GO JACKETS!!" already. As I hold no college allegience, as AASU will forever be without a football program, I fully support Charlie's decision to be a Yellow Jacket. As long as Charlie supports the Atlanta Braves, the Texas Rangers, the Boston Red Sox, the Dallas (soon to be Arlington) Cowboys, FC Dallas and the US National Team, Daddy will remain happy. Tonight Charlie will get to take in his first Dallas Cowboys regular season game...Mommy is very excited. Charlie already tells me he is very jealous that Daddy and Uncle Ben will be going to Texas Stadium to watch the Cowboys take on the Vikings October 21st. As for Jenn and I, we are doing well. Outside of no long sleeps, Jenn is feeling great. She looks great and is now able to drive and get around well. As for the author of this blog, working about twice as many hours as I am sleeping is getting a bit exhausting...and we have a ways to go before we can hope Charlie will sleep through the night. We are not complaining, however. We have a happy and reportedly, healthy baby boy whom we love to no ends and enjoy getting to spend every second we can with, awake or asleep. We hope everyone is well and will talk to everyone soon. Now for some new pictures....

I'm ready to go guys...

A message for Mommy and Daddy

Explaining what might happen if you're not careful

I've had such a long day

Look how cute I am, Daddy

Mommy and Me

Let's Go BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!

---Until next time.....Jay, Jennifer, Charlie, Peanut and Napoleon---

Monday, September 3, 2007

Our Long Weekend...

Labor Day weekend has come and gone so fast here in the Stuart house. Outside of the non-stop trips to the grocery store (I have been 6 times since Charlie was born), a trip to Petsmart for Napoleon's nails to be cut and a trip to Michael's to pick up Charlie's newly framed Hank Aaron picture, we have tried to keep a low profile. Charlie had quite the weekend. Here are the pictures that capture his busy times... A nap in Mommy and Daddy's room...

A much needed nap in the swing...

More napping...

Being guarded by Napoleon...while napping.

Practicing cheering on the Braves!

Hanging out with Daddy...his eyes are turning his Mother's blue.

Taking a bath...

Practing for his first fishing trip with Papa. The one that got away was "this big..."

Explaining that it is now time to change his diaper!!!

Eating dinner...with a helping hand from his big cousin.

Showing his true allegience.

And what weekend would be complete without a little baby smile ???