Monday, January 7, 2008

It's been awhile...

It's been quite some time since the last Charlie post. We have been very busy with finalizing our move, starting jobs, the holidays and an abundance of other tasks. Jennifer and Charlie arrived in Georgia at the end of November. We got to celebrate Jennifer's birthday as a re-united family in the spacious confines of our new apartment...the apartment was seemingly much more roomy prior to the arrival of all our stuff. Peanut and Napoleon greeted Jennifer and Charlie with kisses and frantic circling of the house. They were very excited. Charlie was very excited to see his Daddy; I was greeted with a huge smile from this little man holding his head up and staring around the room. I was amazed at how much he grew and in awe of all his new found talents. Over about the last 6 weeks, Charlie has learned and developed so much. He is now almost 27 inches in length (2ft 3in, if you will) and weighs 17 lbs. Charlie has quickly caught up from being born a month early. He is now eating cereal and veggies. He caught right on to eating out of a spoon. Charlie now rolls over (except when Mommy is paying attention), stands upright with guiding hands and sits up with little or no support. By far our favorite new Charlie-activity is his obsession with hearing his own sounds. This past weekend, Charlie learned that when he yells or screeches, he can hear himself. He thinks it's hilarious. We thought Peanut's constant barking at the Mailman, the neighbors, Napoleon and other unfamiliar sorts was deafening...but, we were wrong.
Charlie was very excited about his first time eating in his highchair.
But then he wasn't quite sure what to do with the cereal once it was in his mouth.
Charlie's first bite of peas. He was not a fan. But will eat them now.
Charlie had a wonderful First Christmas and is beginning a Happy New Year. We want to wish everyone we did not see in person a Merry Christmas. Charlie was very spoiled. He received so many new toys and books that a toy box had to be procured. Charlie now has a wonderful handmade toy box that his Paw-Paw Stuart (my grandfather C.E) made sometime around my birth. Charlie thanks his Aunt Beth and family for taking such good care of it over the last several years. To date, we have been unable to get Charlie's room back in order after the festive holiday season.

Oh, the anticipation of Santa coming!

But then, he was just too tired to wait up!

So excited to see that Santa came and left TONS of presents!!

(A picture of the presents will go here as soon as we get it off of the other camera)

We greatly enjoyed seeing our entire family on the holidays for the first time in several years. Charlie thinks he did a good job of working to bond with his cousins, second cousins, first cousins once-twice-three times removed and a whole sort of other family members. It was a busy, busy time for Charlie and we're not certain he has yet to recover in full (hence, my dreary eyes from being up with our precious angel since 4am today).

Charlie with his Papa on Christmas morning.

And posing with his cousins on Christmas Day.

Napping with MeMaw during the ginormous family gathering.

Playing with his cousin, Joshua.

But, in typical Napoleon fashion, he could not stand that the babies were getting all of the attention, so he had to put himself right in the middle of all the action.

Today, Jennifer started her new job at Memorial (Health University Medical Center for Fine Arts, Liberal Arts and a whole bunch of other stuff). We just stick to Memorial, although the hospital has undergone quite the transformation since we were last Savannah residents...apparently one that will match it's new expanded name. One day, I will learn which wing of the hospital campus that now engulfs Waters Ave. Jenn will be working in. Jenn told me today (after day 1), so far-so good. I keep plugging away at my job. I enjoy the people I am working with, but cannot wait for a little PTO to build up so I can enjoy a little R&R following an exhausting first 2 months and holiday season. As Jennifer and I are now both working, Charlie started school today (daycare that is). It was hard enough taking him that first time to drop off at Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ben's for the was a really tough day. Jenn and I both dropped Charlie off this morning and then cried our eyes out on our respective trips to work. Charlie made it through the day and all reports are he enjoyed himself and his teachers enjoyed him. The first comment made about Charlie by his teachers..."He never stops smiling." We are blessed to have a happy, healthy and wonderful son and can't wait to see him continue to grow (though one day, I am sure we will say he grew up WAY TOO FAST).

Ready for his first day of school.

Charlie crashed when he got home, it was a long day.

And now, some random pictures of the Charlie-man

Ready to go to a Braves game!

Just hanging out and looking cute (because Aunt Amanda "NEEEEEDED" some pictures.)

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